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About Us

Clinton Woodcraft Company is nestled in the pines above Todd’s Fork Creek in Blanchester, Ohio.


It is here in our workshop we have created the finest cabinetry and furniture since 1983. Using the mindset and methods of past generations we have created each piece as a work of art. Our intense pride has been shown in the hidden mortise and tenon joint, the beauty of a skillfully cut dovetail joint, the gracefulness of a hand shaped crown, finish that is a pleasure just to feel.

We began our journey back in the day when superstores did not exist and woodworking was done by a skilled craftsman working diligently in his/her shop in the United States of America.

Most small towns and villages had a cabinetmaker they relied upon. Furniture was at that time in history, not a throw away item. It was an item cherished for generations to come. Why, even today antique furniture is very desireable. Times have changed and more and more technology has filtered in to the craftsman’s shop. Craftsman have added the latest technologies for centuries. Even back in 1920 Fay and Eagan in Cincinnati offered a multi spindle boring machine, the latest in production technology at that time. It is in this interest that we have now added laser machining to our list of many talents. Combining our skills accumulated over decades with CNC technologies we can now provide you with even more very nice products.


Lunar Laser Works was created in 2010 as an additional avenue for us to express our artistry.

In 2012 this website was created to enable you, the client, to have an avenue to purchase our fine products. Our background is in woods of all species and we are also laser machining just about any material that can be cut, marked, or engraved by laser.

Examples of our work can be found throughout the website. Some of the materials we currently work with are stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, plastics, woods, fabrics, foams, carbon fiber, mirror and glass, ceramic tile and many others. We purchased our Kern laser because it is a top quality American made laser. Our Kern laser has a huge 50” x 50” x 7” capacity allowing us to perform most projects that we have been asked to do. In 2011 with the demand for laser work growing we added our second laser, a Vytek 50” x 50” which allows us even more capacity to serve our customers quickly.


I sincerely promise to provide you with products you are proud to own and are a pleasure to hold and have. Thank you for taking the time to browse our website.

Bruce Boehle
Lunar Laser Works